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Edna's Diaries - 1912

Monday January 1, 1912 – A beautiful New Year’s Day, cold.  I washed, baked cake and bread.  Finished embroidering my pillow case.  We went down to Fay’s this evening.  Mother is better today.  Clark [Mead], Leo [Mead], and Berte [Bert Harriman) were invited over to Will’s for dinner. 

Tuesday January 2, 1912 – a cloudy morning.  I ironed, and mended skirt.  Went up to practice for cantata.

Wednesday January 3, 1912 – A nice day, did house work and worked on pillow case.  Stirred up bread.  Waters and the teacher came down tonight.  Howard butchered a hog today.

Thursday January 4, 1912 – A stormy day.  Busy baking cookies, bread and pie.  Howard is tending to the meat.  Myrle said we won’t practice tonight.  A bad night to get out.

Friday January 5, 1912 – A windy cold day.  Sweeping and dusting and mending.  Fay’s folks came down and spent the evening.  We didn’t go to practice tonight either.  They postponed the WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) on account of the weather.

Saturday January 6, 1912 – A warmer day, snowing.  We are going up to the church banquet and meeting at the church.  Not a very large crowd.  A cold night.  Libbie Epperson got hurt.  But guess she is all right now.

Sunday January 7, 1912 – We went to church, 20 degrees below zero this morning.  Stopped and saw Mother.  I have the headache tonight.  Snowing again.

Monday January 8, 1912 – A warmer morning.  Snowing.  It will make fine sleighing.  Done up housework and churned.  Went up to Mead’s after Christmas plant, and Mother came home with us.

Tuesday January 9, 1912 – A cold day. Baked, and general housework.  Went up to practice tonight and had a cold ride home.

Wednesday January 10, 1912 – A cold day, 20 below zero.  The Bell Telephone man was here all forenoon.  Finished reading the book.

Thursday January 11, 1912 -  A fierce day.  Baked bread, went up to Society and elected officers Anna Epperson is President, and Mrs. Gillis Vice President and Mrs. Rose Secretary, and Hattie Gamel Treasurer.  I stayed at Alta Artz until time to practice and the weather is colder.  Louise is feeling bad today.  Art Robertson’s house caught on fire.  But they succeeded in putting it out.

Friday January 12, 1912 – A bad day.  The coldest day yet, 24 degrees below zero.  Fay says Louise has the mumps and so she is not feeling extra.

Saturday January 13, 1912 – I called Fay up and he said that they were both down with mumps.  He said that Gladys has just began to show it, lucky he has had them.  I have the flowers tended to and nearly all the cleaning up done.  They called and I went up to practice this afternoon.  The wind is blowing from the south east and not quite so cold, but disagreeable.

Sunday January 14, 1912 – At home.  A cold day.  Howard went up to the train and met Benson and Nora.  Having a fine visit.  Did not go to practice.

Monday January 15, 1912 – A cold day.  Ironed and made stars for my costume.  Went to practice tonight.  All the people were there to practice.

Tuesday January 16, 1912 – A cold day.  I went up and helped Celia pack fruit.  Went up to practice tonight.  Got my customer almost done.

Wednesday January 17, 1912 – A cold day.  We all went up to Frank’s [Mead] to help put up ice.  Did not go to practice.

Thursday January 18, 1912 – A cold day.  Nora, Celia, Clark, and I went to Galesburg to the chicken show.  Got me a new coat.  Went to practice.  Alta Hickens came this evening.  Benson, Nora, Celia and I took supper at Ella Bair’s tonight.

Friday January 19, 1912 -  A cold morning.  Tired and sleepy.  We went over to Will’s [Snow] for dinner.  Am home getting ready to go to the Cantata.  Got home from church, everything was a success.

Saturday January 20, 1912 – A stormy day.  Mother has headache.  Tended to plants and general house work.  Benson picked goose, and I have everything about finished.  Am tired tonight.

Sunday January 21, 1912 - A nice day.  Mother feels better today.  Dr. Morgan was here to see her today.  Will’s and Frank’s were here for dinner.  Benson and Nora are here yet expect to go to Ike’s tomorrow. 

Monday January 22, 1912 – A nice day.  We got up at three o’clock.  Howard took Benson and Nora to the train.  I finished washing by 9 o’clock and tired.  Worked on my pillow slip.

Tuesday January 23, 1912 – Ironed and general housework.  A nice day.   Worked on pillow slip.

Wednesday January 24, 1912 – A nice day.  Spent forenoon writing, made out my seed order.  Mother is better today.

Thursday January 25, 1912 - A bright day.  General house work.  Baked bread and worked on my pillow slip.  Sent seed list out.  Mother sent her picture to Uncle Fred Sperry today. 

Edna’s uncles Milton and Fred Sperry.  Edna’s Mother Martha Sperry Snow’s brothers. Fredrick M. Sperry was born 23 Decemer 1838 in Mecca Ohio, and died 23 January 1917 in Dodge, Texas.  Milton L. Sperry was born 4 October 1848 in
Mecca Ohio and died 27 September 1929 in St. Joseph, Missouri. 

Friday January 26, 1912 – A cloudy day.  At home doing housework.  Went up to Frank’s [Mead] and bought Mother’s rocking chair machine and bureau home, some of the pictures.

Saturday January 27, 1912 – Berte and I cleaned the hen houses and I done Saturday work.  A cloudy day.  Mother is some better.  Just got word from Benson and Nora they have got as far as Earlham.  Finished one of my pillow slips.

Sunday January 28, 1912 – A stormy day.  Howard and I went to church only 46 were there.  Came home and am trying to ward off the headache.  Madye was here when I got home.  Hazel Rose came to me after Sunday School and asked if they CE’s could have their social the 22 February out here at our house.

Monday January 29, 1912 – A windy day.  Not feeling very well as did not wash.  Worked on pillow case this afternoon.

Tuesday January 30, 1912 -  A sunshiny day.  Did not wash today.  Finished pillow cases today and started some others.

Wednesday January 31, 1912 – A stormy day.  Feeling burn.  Clare Fritz phoned and wanted to have the WCTU meeting here Friday afternoon.  So we are cleaning up for it.  Got my upstairs swept.

Question:  what is “feeling burn”?  I’ve heard this expression before—does it mean a sore throat?  Any clues?

Thursday February 1, 1912 – A stormy day.  Am tired.  Been cleaning for tomorrow.  Washed plants and swept and bake cakes and washed 8 curtains.  I intend to go to choir practice tonight.  Did not go to C. practice.

Friday February 2, 1912 – A bright sunshiny day.  The WCTU met here this afternoon about 11 were here.  Had a successful time.

Saturday February 3, 1912 – A stormy morning.  Colder now.  Frank’s folks are not feeling very good.  Howard H has a bad cold.  It has stopped snowing.

Sunday February 4, 1912 – A terrible cold day.  Howard and I went to church.  Not very many at church.  Meryle Arnold did not come to church.  A sparse choir.

Monday February 5, 1912 – Washed and general house work.  I went up with Fay to practice for the Cantata.  Not very many were there.

Tuesday February 6, 1912 – Ironed and went up to town in the afternoon.  Stopped to see Adam’s.  Otis is sick in bed.  Mrs. Miller is better.  Stopped at the corners and got a few of Ma’s things.

Above – Edna mentions picking up Ma’s things at the corners (Celia’s house).  Looks like Mother is moving in with Edna and Howard.  Edna and Celia’s mother Martha must have been living with Celia and Frank Mead since Martha’s husband’s Gilbert Spencer Snow’s death in 1908. 

Wednesday February 7, 1912 – A pretty day.  Howard is hauling coal.  I done up house work and made new aprons and cut out corset waists.

Thursday February 8, 1912 – At home doing house work.   Working on my pillow cases.  A nice day.  Howard and I went up to church to practice.

Friday February 9, 1912 – A nice day.  Washed flowers and swept and dusted.  Went up to the church to sing in Cantata.  They say they took in $40.

Saturday February 10, 1912 – A bleak cold day.  Doing general housework.  Looked over apples and cleaned up fruit room.  The men killed 6 hogs.  It is trying to snow.  Tired.

Sunday February 11, 1912 – A pleasant day.  Howard, Bert and I went to church.  Howard is busy in the cellar.

Monday February 12, 1912 – Washed, and tended to the meat.  Got everything done am awful tired.  Bert came home from school sick with grippe.

Question:  What does it mean to be “sick with grippe”?

Tuesday February 13, 1912 – Iron and got chickens ready for Benson.  Sent them today.  Tired tonight.

Wednesday February 14, 1912 – Quite a bit of snow.  Went up town this afternoon while we took up the lard and butter.

Thursday February 15, 1912 – A foggy day.  Howard went to Alexis.  Washed curtains, varnished chairs and done several things.  Tired.

Friday February 16, 1912 – Cleaned up attic and done up general house work.  We went up to North School to box supper.

Saturday February 17, 1912 – A beautiful day.  Bert and I cleaned the hen-houses and sorted chickens.  58 P rocks and 55 Orphington.  Tired. 

Sunday February 18, 1912 – Howard and I went to church.  Frank and Celia came down after dinner.  Rev. Moat’s sister in law died.

Monday February 19, 1912 – Washed.  A pretty day.  Cleaned up house a little.

Tuesday February 20, 1912 – Ironed and baked.  Tired today.  Swept and made stripes for cushion.  Went up to hall to the box supper and entertainment.

Wednesday February 21, 1912 – A stormy day.  Swept and cleaned upstairs, and downstairs.  Tired tonight.

Thursday February 22, 1912 – Washington’s birthday.  A beautiful day.  Washed plants and got everything ready for Social tonight.  Hazel Rose is here making pies.  Mabel Vangilder is here decorating.

Friday February 23, 1912 – a pretty day.  Tired after the social.  There were about 38 here.  They had a fine time.  Mother and I went up town this afternoon.  Got a letter from Jennie C. today. 

Saturday February 24, 1912 – A rainy day.  Baked bread and general house work.  Howard put the zinc on my broad shelf today.  Makes it lots nicer.  I’m not very well today. 

Sunday February 25, 1912 – A cold cloudy day.  Howard and I went to S convention this forenoon.  We were invited down to Fay’s for dinner.  Mother is not feeling as well today.

Monday February 26, 1912 – A stormy day.  Not feeling very good.  Mother is not feeling very well.  I am not doing much only house work.

Tuesday February 27, 1912 – A better day.  I did not try to wash today.  Mother is feeling a little better.  Frank and Celia and [son] Leo were here today.  The men settled up their accounts.

Wednesday February 28, 1912 – A nice day.  I washed, baked.  Tom Clauson died this morning.  He was 59 years old.

Thursday Feburary 29, 1912 – A nice day.  Ironed and baked bread.  Mother did not feel good this forenoon.  Frank and Celia went up to Alpha to funeral today.  Howard and I went to C practice tonight.  We sent for vibrator for Mother.

Friday March 1, 1912 – A nice day.  Baked and general house work.  Carrie Mosher was here with the things we ordered from her sometime.  Howard went to town and got the gas-iron and mantles, chimney, etc.

Saturday March 2, 1912 – A stormy day.  Snowing.  I swept, dusted and washed flowers.  Am tired tonight.  Mother is better today.

Sunday March 3, 1912 – A pretty day.  Howard’s birthday, 38 years old.  We did not get to church today.  But went up afternoon to see Leo.  They had Dr. Morgan up to see him last night.  And he said he had inflammatory rheumatism.

Monday March 4, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Washed, and baked bread.  Howard is cutting hedge.  Mother is feeling better day.

Tuesday March 5, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed with the gas iron.  It worked fine.  Bert has a terrible cold.  Mother feels about the same.

Above photograph dated October 1912 – commercial ironing at Johnson Dye Works.  The irons seem to be connected to hoses and then to gas lines.  Do you think Edna’s iron looked like this, or an earlier this earlier model like the next photo.  Edna’s diary: Howard went to town and got the gas-iron and mantles, chimney, etc.

Wednesday March 6, 1912 – A fine day.  Bert feels bad. Howard took the cattle up to Frank’s and had their horns removed.

Thursday March 7, 1912 – A nice day.  Bert went up to central examination.  Howard is helping Fred Arnold shell corn.  Mother and I don’t feel very good.

Friday March 8, 1912 – A stormy day.  Fred Fritz is shelling corn and Howard is helping.  We are busy cutting up our calico pieces.

Saturday March 9, 1912 – A pretty day.  Howard went to Galesburg.  I done up Saturday work.  Bert and I went uptown afternoon.  I got Aunt ___ Epperson’s bird.  Mother went up to Celia’s.

Sunday March 10, 1912 – A fine day.  Howard and I went to church.  A Missionary talked.  Asa Heflin died this morning.  Leo Mead is not feeling good today.  Mother is better today.  We went to church this evening. 

Monday March 11, 1912 – A nice day.  Ironed and general house work.  Howard went uptown after coal and got the vibrator.  Howard and I took it up and tried it on Leo, but don’t know how it will work.

Thursday March 12, 1912 – A terrible day.  Snowing.  I cut out three aprons.  The telephone meeting was held here this afternoon.  Fay Arnold Morten newcomer and Ike Vangilder are the new officers.

Friday March 15, 1912 – A cold day.  We went up to see Leo this afternoon.  They think him better.  Mother feels quite a bit better.

Saturday March 16, 1912 – A nice day.  The weather is warmer.  The snow is melting fast.

Sunday March 17, 1912 – A pleasant day.  Howard and I went to church.  All feeling better.

Monday March 18, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed and baked bread.  A sun shiney afternoon.  Worked on my doily.  Leo Mead’s birthday.  He got several cards.

Tuesday March 19, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed and baked cookies.  Worked on doily and cleaned hen houses afternoon.  Tired tonight.

Wednesday March 20, 1912 – A terrible day.  Sleeting and snowing all day.  Mother dnoes not feel as good.  The weather is bad on here.  I dyed my blue silk waist today.  Still stormy.

Thursday March 21, 1912 – A colder day.  Howard, Will and Arthur Edgar shipped their hogs today.  We had 61 head.  Howard went to Chicago tonight.  Mother does not feel very good today.  Bert and I got along with the chores all right.

Friday March 22, 1912 – A fine day.  Everything getting along very well here.  I don’t feel extra this evening.  Dr. Morgan was here to see Mother and to look at the vibrator.  He was very much pleased with it and thought it was what she needed.  He left her some calmed tablets and pepsin.  Leo is not so well today.

Saturday March 23, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Howard came home this morning.  But did not get any cattle.  Mother is better today.  I don’t feel so good.  Leo is better.  Baked bread and cake.

Sunday March 24, 1912 – A fine day.  We all stayed home today, not feeling very well.

Monday March 25, 1912 – A nice day, but windy.  Baking and general house work.  Finished doily.  Feeling better today.  Put nest in bird cage.

Tuesday March 26, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Celia and I went ot Galesburg.  Went to WCTU Meeting.  Mr. McKnight’s funeral today.

Wednesday March 27, 1912 – A nice day.  Done up work and read book.  Trying to rest up.  I got the headache tonight.

Thursday March 28, 1912 – A rainy cloudy day.  Washed and baked bread.  Mother not feeling very good today.  Finished my waist and skirt.

Friday March 29, 1912 – A nice day.  Howard is cutting hedge.  I ironed and baked cake.  I pieced quilt and Bert and I filled hot bed with manure.

Saturday March 30, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Howard and Bert went down to Galesburg to the Boys Corn Club.  I am doing up Saturday work.

Sunday March 31, 1912 – We went to church.  A nice day.  We went up to see Leo afternoon.  Harrison and Manda and Mabel [the Arnolds] were here this evening a short time.  I had a spell with my head.

Monday April 1, 1912 – A rainy April Fool Day. Howard went down to Galesburg to get his teeth fixed.  Mr. John Curtiss was here this evening.

Tuesday April 2, 1912 – A pretty day.  I set my incubator last night running all right so far.  Mother feels better today.  Howard has gone over to Pitman’s after the Cattle.  We went up to town afternoon.

Wednesday April 3, 1912 – A pretty day.  Washed, and general house work.  Planted sweet peas tonight.

Thursday April 4, 1912 – Will and Howard went up to town to fix the well.  Mother and I went up and measured the rooms and she ordered the wallpaper.

Friday April 5, 1912 – Howard went to Galesburg and had his teeth fixed.  Wills went to Galesburg and left Alta here.  Mother, Alta, and I went up to Celia’s afternoon.  Bert got the returns from the examination and found that he passed.  I went up to choir practice.

Saturday April 6, 1912 – A rainy day.  My 33rd birthday.  Howard went to Galesburg to get a horse for Mother.  I washed the flowers, mopped, and cleaned up the house.

Sunday April 7, 1912 – Easter day.  A fine day.  Howard and I went to church.  Mother went to the Easter program in the evening.

Monday April 8, 1912 – A nice day.  Washed and churned and planted hot bed.  Every one better.

Tuesday April 9, 1912 – A pretty day.  Ironed and baked and we went up town afternoon.

Wednesday April 10, 1912 – A nice day.  Busy cleaning and general house work.  Fay Arnold’s have a baby girl born today noon.  Will is taking care of the surplus.

Thursday  April 11, 1912 – A nice day.  Cleaned Bert’s room and attic.  Made a shirt waist.  Minnie Pont and Mrs. Arthur Brown called.  Eva Harness was here tonight.  Went down to stay with Fays.  The little baby died.  According to Rio Cemetery records, the baby’s name was  Gyneth Amelia Arnold.

Friday April 12, 1912  - A cloudy day.  Cleaned another room.  Eva went up to Frank’s.  Don’t’ know when she intends to go.  I went down to Fays this afternoon.  Eva went away tonight.  Bert and I went to choir practice.

Saturday April 13, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Bert went up to take final examination.  We went to the funeral.  Will and Edna Gehring, and Mrs. Fisk came.  Finished Saturday work.  Churned and went up town.

Sunday April 14, 1912 – A windy day.  We all went to church communion Sunday.  Went to church in the evening.

Monday April 15, 1912 – A windy day.  Washed and ironed and made a little garden.  I am tired tonight.

Tuesday April 16, 1912 – A bad day.  I finished cleaning the upstairs.  Baked bread.  Mother and I went over to Fay’s.  Louise is better and then we went up to see Leo..  Howard hauled corn for Waters today.  Celia has quite a few chickens.

Wednesday April 17, 1912 - A stormy day.  Snowed all day.  We are not doing much only housework.  I pieced 8 blocks for my quilt.

Thursday April 18, 1912 – A nice day.  It is warmer and melting the snow off.  I am not feeling very good.  Mother is fixing sleeves in my jacket.  Bert expects to finish school today.

Friday April 19, 1912 – A windy day.  Bert is home.  We cleaned the chicken house and done the house work and baking for Saturday.

Saturday April 20, 1912 – Mother and I went to Galesburg.  I got me a new hat.  Mother got a new dress and bracelet.  We are awful tired tonight.

Sunday April 21, 1912 – Howard and I went to church.  Mother is tired from her trip.  Bert is not feeling very well.

Monday April 22, 1912 – A windy day.  We made garden and cleaned pantry shelves.  Mother went down to Fay’s.

Tuesday April 23, 1912 – A nice day.  I washed, churned and baked bread.  Cleaned the fruit room in cellar.  Bert not any better.  Howard went to see Dr. Silcox.

Wednesday April 24, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed and done housework.  Set out pansy plants and caladium.  Bert is better tonight.  Myrle Arnold, Helen Landon, and Lille Landon were here.

Thursday April 25, 1912 -  A windy day.  Cleaned the parlor and hall.  Bert not feeling very good today.  I am tired tonight.  Raining and blowing something fierce.

Friday April 26, 1912 – Another bad windy day.  Bert has a terrible headache.  I cleaned the downstairs bedroom.  Finished another quilt top. 

Saturday April 27, 1912 – A fine day.  Bert is better.  Norman Waters is helping burning and raking stalks.  I went up town this afternoon and took Mrs. Tom Epperson’s bird house.

Sunday April 28, 1912 – A rainy day.  At home trying to rest.  Churned and done up house work.  Howard got his new car home.  Bert is better.  Will not go to church today.

Below are photographs of Howard’s first car.  Can anyone tell the make, year, model of his car? model number.  He picked up his car off the ferry at New Boston as noted on the back of the photograph.

Monday April 29, 1912 – A stormy day.  Done house work.  Bert is better.

Tuesday April 30, 1912 – A fine day.  I washed, sorted potatoes and cleaned cellar.  Mother, Bert, and I went to town after dinner.  Baked bread.

Wednesday May 1, 1912 – Ironed and     Bert went after Jennie Clauson.  Spent the rest of the day visiting and piecing quilt blocks.  I have the headache.

Thursday May 2, 1912 – A stormy day.  A terrible rain and thunderstorm this morning.  Mother, Jennie and I went up to Celia’s today.  Jennie went to Alpha this evening.

Friday May 3, 1912 – A nice day, general house work.  Fixed hen yard, let the old hens and chickens out and trimmed raspberries, roses, sowed Cuban pine.

Saturday May 4, 1912 – A nice day.  Cleaned house, yard, set out Dahlias.  Cleaned hen house and everything in general.  Mother went to Galesburg today, got her a new hat.

Sunday May 5, 1912 0 We went to church.  A warm day.  Fay’s & Will’s folks came over this evening.

Monday May 6, 1912 – Mother and I went to Henderson.  The tomb stone man put up the markers to the grave.  A showery day.  Went out to Nelson’s for dinner. 

Edna’s mother’s parents Moses Sperry and his wife Sally Chaffee Sperry are buried in the Henderson Cemetery, Henderson, IL.  Some of Moses and Sally’s children are buried there also.  I photographed their old old headstones (difficult to read), and next to them are more modern headstones.  Question:  When were the old headstones installed?  When were the more modern headstones installed?

Tuesday May 7, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed and set out plants.  Went to choir practice this evening.
Wednesday May 8, 1912 – A nice day.  Ironed and cleaned the dining room.  Finished planting seeds.  Will’s folks have purchased a piano.

Thursday May 9, 1912 - A nice day.  Cleaned the Kitchen and entries.  Went up to Celia’s after sweet corn. Cleaned yard and made more gardens.

Friday May 10, 1912 – A nice day.  Done up house work.  Alex Heflin and wife called.  Mr. Dueth was here.  We went up to school picnic and the teacher came home to supper with us.  We went to commencement exercises in the evening.  Bert got along find with his piece.

Saturday May 11, 1912 – A showery day.  Done up Saturday work.  Made garden.  Raining tonight.

Sunday May 12, 1912 – A terrible cold day.  Mother Howard and I went to church.  Howard and I went to church in the evening.

Monday May 13, 1912 – A windy cold day.  Washed, made flower bed and went up to Bert’s class supper.  They made $12. 15.  Cleaned cellar.

Tuesday May 14, 1912 – A chilly day.  Churned, iron and general house work.  Walked up to Celia’s.  Mrs. Mead [Alvira Proctor Mead] was there today.  I am not feeling well tonight. 

Edna’s sister Celia’s husband was Franklin Mead.  Franklin’s parents were George W. Mead (1830-1916),and wife, Alvira (Proctor) Mead 1829-1913.

Wednesday May 15, 1912 - A bad day.  Planted sweet corn and general work.  Howard finished planting the 32 acre piece.  Rained and stopped then this afternoon.  Mother went over to Louise’s to the party.  There were 8 people there.

Thursday May 16, 1912 – A cold dreary day.  My incubator is hatching.  I got same cabbage plants set out.  Howard has gone to town after coal.  Mother went up to Celia’s with him.

Friday May 17, 1912 – A cool day.  Took off chickens, 100 in all.  Cleaned up incubator and done general housework.  Went to C practice.

Saturday May 18, 1912 – A nice day.  Baking and Saturday work.  Bert and I went to town this evening.  Mother went up to the corners. 

I am guessing that “the corners” is the location of Franklin and Celia Mead’s place, one mile west of Rio.  Then from the Mead’s place, another quarter mile to the north is Edna and Howard’s home.

Sunday May 19, 1912 – A nice day.  We went to church today.  Mother and Bert went up to the timber.  Howard and I called on Mort Newcomber and wife.  Got a change to visit with Carrie, Ray, and their father.  Went to church in the evening.  Tom and Herman Devlin had their babies baptized this afternoon. 

Monday May 20, 1912 – A windy day.  Washed and churned and took care of chickens.  A little shower about 10:00 o’clock.  Tired and headache.

Tuesday May 21, 1912 – A nice day.  Ironed and baked bread.  Washed.  Mother went to Rio.  Mother, Bert and I went to the contest in the evening.  Helen Landon got first and Florence Gamel 2nd.

Wednesday May 22, 1912 – A windy day.  General house work.  Work in garden.  7 little turkeys hatched.  Mother spend the day with Frank’s.  Bert and I went to band concert.

Thursday May 23, 1912 – A windy day.  General work.  Sweeping and cleaning up some.

Friday May 24, 1912 – A windy hot day.  Baking and sweeping, dusting.  Our wedding anniversary 14 years.  Finishing up work for Saturday.  Went to the WCTU [Women’s Christian Temperance Union] meeting at Fanny Landon’s.  Mrs. Williamson and Mrs. Manning from Galesburg were there.  Went to choir practice in the evening.

Saturday May 25, 1912 – Mother and I drove up to Alpha and took the phone to Jennice Clauson.  She is not feeling so well.

Sunday May 26, 1912 – A warm day.  Howard and I went to church this morning.  Mrs. Grub died early this morning. 

There is no record of a Mrs. Grub buried in the Rio Cemetery.  I’m trying to decide if I am misunderstanding Edna’s handwriting.  I review the handwriting and still only see Mrs. Grub.

Monday May 27, 1912 – Washed and baked bread.  Hoed over my garden.  The wind is blowing terrible.  Carrie Moser was here this afternoon.

Tuesday May 28, 1912 – Iron and general house work.  Mother is up to Celia’s.  They meet to plan the decoration day exercises.

Wednesday May 29, 1912 – A windy day.  Churned, and general house work.  Bert and I went up to cemitry [cemetery] to work.  Got everything fixed.  Bert and I went to band practice.

Thursday May 30, 1912 – A nice day.  Wilson Adams died this morning, 80 years old.  Finished house work and we all went up to Decoration exercises afternoon.  The band boys are doing fine.

Friday May 31, 1912 – A nice day.  I mowed the west yard.  Bert and I went to choir practice.  Tired.

I would be tired too, using a hand push mower to mow a yard.  What a workout that would be.

Saturday June 1, 1912 – A cloud day.  Doing up Saturday work.  Baked cakes and cleaned up house.  We had a nice rain this afternoon.  Bert and I went up and helped at the church.  We all went to the supper in the evening.

Sunday June 2, 1912 – A nice day.  Rev. Moats preached his farewell sermon.  He expects to go to Crystal N.D.  Mr. Adam’s funeral this afternoon.  They had a double quartett.  Fay Arnold, Iron Vanguilder, Rev Moats, harry Arnold, Birdie Murray, Myrle Arnold, Mary Deatherage, and myself.  Rev. Van Dettem.

Monday June 3, 1912 – A nice day.  I washed and mowed yard.  Am awful tired tonight.  The M.E.’s are going to have a surprise on Rev Moats tonight.  It is raining we will not go.

Tuesday June 4, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironing and cleaning house.  Swept up maple seed and am tired as can be.

Wednesday June 5, 1912 – A fine fore-noon.  Finished mowing yard and went up to Celia’s helped freeze two freezers of ice-cream.  There were only six ladies here at the party.  Mrs. Hinchel, Anna Henderson, Dora Gillis, Amelia Arnold, Mrs. Fisk, and Phoebe Type.  It rained and kept the rest from coming.  Bert and I went to band practice.

Thursday Jun 6, 1912 – A fine day.  Trying to rest up.  I hoed in the garden this forenoon.  Mrs. Waters and wife came along and asked me to go fishing.  Stopped and got pansy plants and set them out after supper.

Friday June 7, 1912 – A nice day.  Howard finished planting corn for third time.  I hoed in the garden.  Mother, Celia and I went up to church to a call meeting of Ladies Aid to see about a course of lectures for this winter.  Bert and I went to choir practice.

Saturday June 8, 1912 – A fine cool day.  Cleaned chicken coops houses.  Baked bread and found turkey nest.  Bert finished harrowing the south piece.  Howard got his hand badly hurt by the harrow falling on him.  And running one of the teeth through his left hand.  Dr. Silcox dressed it.  Will and Madye’s 13th anniversary.

Sunday June 9, 1912 – A fine morning.  Howard suffered a great deal through the night and did not sleep any.  Hope he will get some rest today.  None of us are going to church.

Monday June 10, 1912 – Washed and picked enough strawberries for dinner.  Cleaned hen houses out and general house work.  Went up town with Howard this afternoon and Bert and I built fence this afternoon.

Tuesday June 11, 1912 – Done up work.  Mother ironed while I went and helped Howard with the hogs.  Frank’s lost one hog.  Howard drove the cattle up after dinner.  I am tired out tonight.

Wednesday June 12, 1912 – Mother and Madye went to Galesburg today.  I churned and cleaned cellar, picked berries and helped Howard and Bert with the harrow.  Bert is harrowing the south west 20.  Bert and I did not go to band practice tonight.

Thursday June 13, 1912 – A cooler day.  Finished my work.  Howard went to town.  Frank’s mare lost her colt.  He called Dr. Tomlinson.  Mother has gone up to make Celia a lace collar for her dress this evening.  Celia, Mother and I went to Society to Mrs. Reed Caron’s.  Quite a shower this evening.

Friday June 14, 1912 – A hot sultry day.  Trying to get the work done up while it’s cool.  Not feeling very good today.  Finished my gingham skirt.  We did not go to choir practice tonight.
Saturday June 15, 1912 – A hot day.  Done up Saturday work.  Canned 9 quarts of strawberries.  Otis Adams and Mel Landon came and put the pump in the well.  Uncle Mat Witherspoon just alive.

Sunday June 16, 1912 – A warm morning.  Rained in the night.  Uncle Mat is still alive this morning.  Uncle Matt died at 10:00 o’clock today.  Mrs. Lab Bartlett came home with us from church.  We had a fine sermon both morning and evening.  A Rev Huff preached.

Monday June 17, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Washed and picked strawberries and done up house work.

Tuesday  June 18, 1912 – A nice forenoon.  Ironed, washer buggy and canned strawberries, baked bread.  Celia , Mother and I went down to North Henderson to Matt Witherspoon’s funeral.  A large crowd.  It rained a little on the way.

Wednesday June 19, 1912 – A showery day.  Done up work.  Hoed in the garden.  Frank and Celia came down and picked the strawberries.  Howard has just finished plowing the second piece of corn, about 30 acres plowed.  They are on their last piece now.  Bert and I went to band practice tonight.

Thursday June 20, 1912 – A fine forenoon.  Churned and done up work.  Mother and I went up and done up Celia’s work.  Frank and Celia had to go up to Grandpa Mead’s.  Rained this afternoon.

Friday June 21, 1912 – A cool morning.  Baking bread and cake.  Picked strawberries.  Celia, Mother and I went up to Aunt Marry Hinchcliff to WCTU meeting.  Bert and I went to choir  practice tonight.

Saturday day June 22, 1912 - A fine day.  Done up Saturday work.  Cleaned hen house.  Mother went up to get supper for Celia.  She and Howard went to Galesburg.  Bert and I went up town tonight and got the berry spoon.

Sunday June 23, 1912 – A fine day.  We all went to church except Bert went up and took part in the Children’s day exercises this evening.  Quite a crowd was out.

Monday June 24, 1912 – A hot day.  Washed and built fence.  Got house work done up.  Bert and his papa are crossing out the east 20 acres of corn.  Started this morning.

Do you know this term?  Crossing out the . . . corn?  Let me know what you think it means.

Tuesday June 25, 1912 – A hot day.  Ironed and sprayed out the hen houses.

Wednesday June 26, 1912 – A warm day.  Baked cake and general house work.  We went to band concert in the evening.

Thursday June 27, 1912 – A hot day.  Mowed lawn and looked after hay hands.  Had to take care of the children while Madye went to Galesburg.  Susie Taylor has a girl born today. 

Edna’s brother William Douglas Snow is married to Mary Agnes Hurst.  I never see her name spelled out.  I always see her name mentioned as Madye.  Is Madye a nickname?

Friday June 28, 1912 – A hot day.  Went to town after sugar.  Swept and done some of Saturday work.  Amelia  [Arnold] and Mother went down to see Mrs. Witherspoon.

Saturday June 29, 1912 – A hot day.  Made jelly and done up Saturday work.  Went to help Celia with hand hands.  Bert and I went to town tonight.

Sunday June 30, 1912 – Went to church.  Had quite a rain afternoon.

Monday July 1, 1912 – A hot day.  Washed and cleaned hen houses.  Another rain this afternoon
Tuesday July 2, 1912 – A hot day.  Ironed and baked.  Picked raspberries, canned 11 quarts.

Wednesday July 3, 1912 – A hot day.  Baked cake, cooked and cleaned up for 4th.   Bert and I went to band practice.

Thursday July 4, 1912 – A hot day.  Got ice and made two freezers of cream.  Killed two chickens and had Fay’s and the rest of the folks over here this evening.

Friday July 5, 1912 – A hot day.  General house work.  Will’s folks put up hay.  I rode up with Fay to choir practice.

Saturday July 6, 1912 – A warm day.  General Saturday work.  Picked berries, rained this afternoon.

Sunday July 7, 1912 – A warm day.  Howard and I went to church.  Charles and Ruth, John and Jessie, and Charles Nelson from Henderson were here with their new Ford auto.  They gave us a ride in it.  Frank and Celia, [their sons] Clark and Leo were here. 

Monday July 8, 1912 – Washed and picked berries.  An awful hot day.  General work afternoon.

Tuesday July 9, 1912 – A hot day.  Ironed, baked bread and general house work.

Wednesday July 10, 1912 – Warm day.  Howard went t0 Galesburg.  Moved yard.  Cleaned hen houses.  Picked berries and general work.  I went to prayer meeting and Bert to band practice.

Thursday July 11, 1912 – A warm day.  Not feeling well.  General house work.  Mother and I went up to Mrs. Mary  Deatherage to the 10 Cents Social.  The Aid society gave.  53 people were there.

Friday July 12, 1912 – It rained this morning making everything cooler.  I don my sweeping and mother and I went up to the Mother’s meeting at Fred Fritz.  14 Members and 3 Visitors.

Saturday July 13, 1912 – A nice day.  I am not feeling very well.  Doing general house work.

Sunday July 14, 1912 – A hot day.  We all went to church.  Hazel Rose and Howard [Mead]were here for dinner.  We did not go to church in the evening.

Howard Mead is Celia and Frank Mead’s son.  Hazel Rose is Howard Mead’s wife.

Monday July 15, 1912 – A nice cool day.  I took Mother to the train and came home and washed.  Tired tonight.

Tuesday July 16, 1912 – A nice day.  I went up and helped Celia cook for hay hands.

Wednesday July 17, 1912 – A warm day.  Mending and house work.  The men are cutting oats over to Will’s.  I called on Louise and Mother and I took supper at Will’s.

Thursday July 18, 1912 – A cool day.  Bert and I went to town and then Mother and I went over to Frank’s old place after blackberries.  Mowed yard.  Went to band concert tonight.

Friday July 19, 1912 – A nice day.  Made 22 glasses of jelly, and churned, and general house work.  4 little turkeys hatched today.

Saturday July 20, 1912 – A warm day.  General house work.  Baking.  Mother and I went made two calls.  Went up to Waters and Fay Arnolds a while.  The men finished cutting oats today.

Sunday July 21, 1912 – I went to church.  And general issues through the day.

Monday July 22,1912 – Washed, and general house work.   Awful hot day.

Tuesday July 23, 1912 – Ironed and baked bread.  Another hot day.  Went up to church to see about soldiers reunion.

Wednesday July 24, 1912 – Baked and cleaned hen house.  Went up town this morning.  Mr. McIntosh was here for supper.

Thursday July 25, 1912 – Celia is 48 years old today.  We went to church to see about the Reunion.  Went to band concert.

Friday July 26, 1912 – General house work.  Mowed yards.  Gathered sweet peas, etc.  Bert and I went to choir practice.  Carl Anderson died tonight.

Saturday July 27, 1912 – A warm day, general house work.  Went to town afternoon.

Sunday July 28, 1912 – Another awful hot day.  We went to church and funeral.  They had a quartette.  Will Snow, Fay Arnold, Hazel Rose and myself sang.  I have this headache and don’t think I will go back to church tonight.

Monday July 29, 1912 – A nice day.  Washed and general house work.  Went up to Celia’s afternoon to see about threshers.

Tuesday July 30, 1912 – A cool day.  All helping Frank’s thresh.  They finished today.

Wednesday July 31, 1912 – A nice day.  Mother went to the wedding.  Bert and I went up to Celia’s.

Thursday August 1, 1912 – Bert and I went up to see Louise and Franks and Mother went to Woodhull to the wedding.

Friday August 2, 1912 – A cool day.  At home.  Not doing much.  Trying to rest up.  I went up with Celia to the church.

Saturday August 3, 1912 – A nice cool day.  General house work.  Went to town in the evening.  The report is that Fred Leafgreen’s children have the diphtheria.

Sunday August 4, 1912 – A nice cool day.  Nora and Will Wright are here for dinner.  Mort Newcomer and wife were here this afternoon.  There was no church today.

Monday August 5, 1912 – A nice cool morning.  The threshers are coming.  Went over and helped Madye with dinner.  Our oats were 77 and a quarter a bushel to the acre.  Amelia had a bad spell and I went over to help Louise with supper.

Tuesday August 6, 1912 – A cool day.  Churned and washer and went down and helped Fay’s get dinner and supper.  Am awful tired.

Wednesday August 7, 1912 – Another cool day.  Ironed and baked bread.  Tried to rest.  The rest of the day, not feeling very well tonight.

Thursday August 8, 1912 – A rainy day.  The men finished threshing.  Mr. Swanson’s oats.  But rained so they came home for supper.  We went down to North Henderson to the band concert.  The Rio boys played.

Friday August 9, 1912 – A warm day.  Done up Saturday work.  Howard went to thresh for Ike Vangilder this afternoon.  Mother and I will go to Galesburg tomorrow if nothing prevents.

Saturday August 10, 1912 – A rainy day.  Mother and I went to Galesburg.  Came home.  Awful tired.

Sunday August 11, 1912 – A cool day.  Stayed at home and rested.  Frank’s were all here to dinner.  Amelia is not so well.  Fern and Louis Gehring came home with Louise Arnold.

Monday August 12, 1912 – A rainy day.  Howard, Mother and I went to Galesburg.  Succeeded in renting rooms on North Kellogg St.  Fern and Louis Gehring are visiting Fay Arnold’s.  Milton Deatherage same over in their car and took us all a ride.  We certainly enjoyed it.

Question:  Why were Howard, Edna, and Mother Martha renting rooms in Galesburg?  I think I know the answer.  Bert attended Lombard College in Galesburg located 12 miles from their homestead in Rio, IL.  I believe Mother Martha and Bert lived in Galesburg during the week, so Bert could continue his education.  Street cars ran from downtown Galesburg to Lombard College.   On Friday nights, Bert and his grandmother Martha would return to Rio Depot by train.

Tuesday August 13, 1912 – A rainy day.  Washed and ironed.  Mother not feeling very well.  I am tired tonight.

Wednesday August 14, 1912 – A nice day.  Cleaned hen houses and yards.  Took up some plants.  Bert and I went to band practice.  Lelia Hough came and stopped at Lib Bartletts.  Mabel Crosby and Winifred Shaffer left on the 9-12 train to go across the waters to Egypt.

Thursday August 15, 1912 –A fine day.  General house work.  Everyone better.  Celia went up town for Lelia, but she did not come out.  Celia, Clark and Leon came down here for dinner.

Friday August 16, 1912 – A cool cloudy morning.  Hope they can finish threshing this week.  We went up town.  Stopped at the corners to pack some of Mother’s things.  Lelia came while we were there.

Saturday August 17, 1912 – A warm day.  Saturday work.  Howard finished threshing.  We went to town.  I paid Harry Arnold Jr. for Bert’s band music.

Sunday August 18, 1912 – A hot day.  Went to church.  Trying to keep cool the rest of the afternoon.  Went to church this evening.

Monday August 19, 1912 – A showery day.  Churned and washed.  General house work.  Lelia Hough came down from Frank’s this evening.  We are awful tired tonight.

Tuesday August 20, 1912 – Ironed and general house work.  Lelia and Mother went over and spent the day with Fay’s folks.  Lelia stayed all night.

Wednesday August 21, 1912 – Another warm day.  Mother and Lelia went up and spent the day with Aun Ann Barttlett.  I went and helped Celia with corn shellers.  They did not finish.

Thursday August 22, 1912 – Another warm day.  General house work.  I went up town this morning.  Howard went ot help thresh.  Lelia and I spent the afternoon at Waters , Tyes’ Mrs. Vanarsdal, the two stores and Tom Epperson’s.  Got home tired out.

Friday August 23, 1912 – A sultry day.  Done up house work.  Lelia, Bert and I went out east after wild grapes.  Came home and found Rev. Huff here.  He stayed for dinner.  I went to WCTU meeting and voted for the following officers.  Eva Fritz, President.  Mrs. Margaret Epperson and Mrs. Hall Vice Presidents.  Libbie Epperson Secretary, Celia Mead Corresponding Secretary, and Lillie Landon Treasurer.  I also paid Mother and my own dues.  I went to choir practice tonight.

Saturday August 24, 1912 – General Saturday work.  Churned and baked and made 25 glasses of grape jelly.  Bert took Lelia up to Mabel Vanguilders.  Band practice tonight.  Bert went with Ike Vangilder.

Sunday August 25, 1912 – An awful hot day.  Howard and I went to church.  Mrs. Moats was sick. So did not come out.  Mother and I went down to Fays to see Amelia.  She is not a bit well.

Monday August 26, 1912 – A hot show day.  Will’s folks all went.  Howard finished hauling coal.  Mother, Bert and I went up to Celia’s to finish packing up.  Cleaned up the cellar.  Harrison, Will, Manda Arnold stopped a short time.  Howard loaded the wagon tonight.

Tuesday August 27, 1912 – A cooler day.  Frank and Celia, Mother, Bert and I went down to straighten up the rooms.  Howard got an early start with the load.  Bert did not go to band practice.  All tired tonight. 

Wednesday August 28, 1912 – A breezy day.  Washed and helped Howard with the pipe and pump.  We got the rooms all cleaned and everything cozy yesterday.  Also had locks put on the doors so they could be locked.  I had my eyes tested at Trask and Plane.

Thursday August 29, 1912 – Mother’s birthday (66) today.  A cloudy day.  Lelia and Mother went over to Wills for dinner.  I got some silisiting [soliciting] done. (Waters, and Vanguilder).  Amelia went to the Davenport Hospital today to have an operation for gall stones.  Edna an Fay went with her.  I finished silisiting [soliciting] and took the list up to Anna Epperson.  The band boys, Bert got his band cap and paid $2.65 for it.

Friday August 30, 1912 – A sultry day.  Sweeping and general work.  Howard is trying to finish piping.  Mother and I took up butter and done some trading.  Howard done fay’s chores this morning.   They went up to Davenport on the early train.  Operation today.

Saturday August 31, 1912 – A dusty hot day.  Howard, Bert and I went to the Tri County picnic.  A big crowd, the band boys done fine.  We got home about 6 o’clock.

Sunday September 1, 1912 – A hot day.  At home trying to rest after the picnic.  Hope it will rain.  Bert and I went up to the corners, a terrible hot day.   Put my clothes to soak.

Monday September 2, 1912 – A hot day.  Howard went to town and got me a washer.  I got my washing done in three-quarters of an hour (a big one too).  Will Arnold and his granddaughter Edna Burgess were here today.  They went to Fay’s for night.

Tuesday September 3, 1912 – A cloudy morning.  A big crowd everything went off fine for dinner.  Howard and I are home doing chours [chores].  Going back in a little while.  Saw Flor and Carrie Haines.  Marie Haines several others.  Harold Shoeder broke his ankle.  Mother and Bert went to Galesburg on the 5-15 train.

Wednesday September 4, 1912 – A terrible hot day.  We had a big crowd at the Reunion.  Got along fine with everything.  I heard from Kate Shoemaker, she is better.  Clark went down to Galesburg on the 5 o’clock.  Lelia stayed at Lib Bartlett’s last night and went on the early train.  She is going to Woodhull this morning and then go home with Ike Snow.

Thursday September 5, 1912 – Another warm day.  I am awfully tired and sick in the bargain.  Not caring for any more Reunions.  Howard wen to Galesburg and I went up to Celia’s.  We went up to the church this forenoon.  My what a lot of work.  Lelia went to Ike’s this morning.

Friday September 6, 1912 – A hot day.  Ironed, churned, and swept up house.  The Mother’s meeting is at Lillie’s.  I do not feel like going.  But will go meet Mother and Bert.  The train was late.

Saturday September 7, 1912 – A terrible hot day.  Hasn’t rained yet.   General Saturday work.  Bert cleaned hen house.  Baked cake.  Frank and Celia went to Monmouth to the Shippers Meeting.  Clark and Leo were here for dinner.

Sunday September 8, 1912 – A hot day.  Stayed home.  Not feeling very extra.  Mother was over to Will’s for dinner.  We took them to the train this evening.  We did not go to church.

Monday September 9, 1912 – Another hot day.  Washed, scrubbed and tried to keep cool.  It hasn’t rained yet.

Tuesday September 10, 1912 – Another hot morning.  We did not get to sleep until late.  Ironing, mending.  Mother called up and wants Bert’s drawing material.

Wednesday September 11, 1912 – A cooler day.   I went down to see the folks.  Took Bert’s drawing material to him.  Met the Superintendent (Willis).  Mother got her a white dress.  Am awful tired.  Heard news regarding Hayes Place.

Thursday September 12, 1912 – A cool morning.  Am tired.  Washed Mother’s dress and a shirt for Bert.  General house work.  Howard is cutting millet.  Went up and helped Celia cook for clover hullers.  Fay got back tonight.  I visited the school.

Friday September 13, 1912 – A cool morning.  It is raining.  Howward is hauling gravel for the Silo.  Fay and Howard Mead are helping.  I ironed Mother’s dress and it’s a beauty.  The WCTU meets with Liilie Landon to elect another President this afternoon.

Saturday September 14, 1912 – A cool day.  Washed, ironed, baked and churned, besides Saturday work.  Am tired tonight.

Sunday September 15, 1912 - A col nice day.  Mother, Howard and I went to church today.  We had a fine rain last night.  Howard has taken the folks to the train.  Took dinner with Frank’s folks.

Monday September 16, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Cleaned the attic and ook up some of the plants.  Trying to train.  Sent for Bert’s drawing instruments today.  Hem stitching my curtains.  Fays went to Iowa this morning.  Got a card from Lelia.

Tuesday September 17, 1912 – A cool day.  General house work.  Everybody feeling better since rain.  Howard has commenced his _____ house. Tired tonight.

Wednesday September 18, 1912 – A cool day.  The silo came.  Howard and Will are hauling it.  Got word that Anna Butts is coming next week.  Finished curtains today.  Am tired.

Thursday September 19, 1912 – A nice day.   Cleaning house.  Went to town.  Ernest Waters is here helping with Silo.  Got Bert’s drawing instruments tonight.  Harry and Myrle are married 1 year tonight.

Friday September 20, 1912 – A rainy day.  Tom Farrel, Henry Pont, and Ernest Waters are here today.  Got the upstairs about cleaned.  Cleaned downstairs bedroom.  Am awful tired.  The men didn’t stay for supper.  Raining quite hard.  Mother and Bert got here.  The train was late.

Saturday September 21, 1912 – A rainy morning.  Washed and churned.  Got dinner and supper for three extra men.  Ironed and general house work.

Sunday September 22, 1912 -  A fine day.  There was no church.  Franks were here.  Also Howard and Hazel.  Madye came over awhile before we took the folks to the train.  Got to see Myrtle Holmes and family.  They have a cute little boy.

Monday September 23, 1912 – A cool day.  Ironed.  Got dinner for two extras.  The silo is progressing fine.  I went up town afternoon.

Tuesday September 24, 1912 – A fine day.  Four extra men today.  Got work don up, and dinner started.  Fay went up to Davenport after Amelia.  Mr. Green, Mrs. Willet’s brother died yesterday.  Funeral today.

Wednesday September 25, 1912 – A cold day.  Report a snow in Denver.  Celia wen to Delong today.  I didn’t get to go.  Four extra men to cook for.  Getting along fine.  I am tired tonight.  Back ache.  Got most of the flowers in the house.  So cold for them out.  Amelia was tired when she got home.   Dr. Morgan was up today.

Thursday September 26, 1912 – A cold day.  Quite a frost this morning.  3 extra men for dinner today.  I took up the rest of the plants.  Just heard from Anna, she comes Saturday.  The men are still at work with Silo.

Friday  September 27, 1912 – Henry came back and finished up the silo except roof.  Will is cutting the corn for the silo.  I am baking and sweeping.  Met Mother and Bert.  Train was late.

Saturday September 28, 1912 – A rainy day.  The men were here for dinner.  Filling silo.  They went home afternoon.  Anna came tonight.  All visting as hard as we can.

Anna (Harriman) Butts is Howard Harriman’s sister.  Hence, Anna is Edna’s sister in law.  Anna lives in Lebanon, Missouri and is married to James Butts. 

Sunday  September 29, 1912 – A cold day.  We went to church and out driving afternoon.  Spent the evening with Mrs. Rose and Hazel.  Also went to church.

Monday September 30, 1912 – A fine day.  Cook for the men.  14 were here for sinner and supper.  Did not quite get silo filled.

Tuesday October 1, 1912 – A nice day.  Ironed, churned, and went to North Henderson afternoon.

Wednesday October 2, 1912 – A fine day.  Spent the day in Galesburg, got our picture taken and see the odd fellows drill. 
Rained tonight.
From Edna’s diary Wednesday, October 2, 1912—she said, “got our picture taken.”  I often wondered when this photograph was taken, now I know.  My grandfather Bert was 14 years old.  Standing:  Howard Harriman and son Gilbert Samuel Harriman “Bert”.  Seated: Anna Leota Harriman Butts, Howard’s sister.

Thursday October 3, 1912 – A nice day.  At home resting up for another day.  Called on Will’s in the evening.

Friday October 4, 1912 – A fine day.  Baking, sweeping and dusting.  Had early supper.  Went to the church to hear the Memlely Quartette sing.  Ann and I went up and heard Howard’s music box.

Saturday October 5, 1912 – Had a fine day.  Did a big washing and ironed.  The things for Mother and Bert.  Charles Nelsons came here.  They were on their trip home from Mcauleville Iowa.  We took Anna up to the 9-20 train.  She thought she had to go home.

Sunday October 6, 1912 – A nice day.  Warm.  We went to church.  Fay’s were there for dinner.  They have a new auto.  Bert went to timber.  Tired.  Howard took the folks to the train.

Monday October 7, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed, churned, and cleaned chicken houses.  Howard setting fence post.  Morten Newcomers have a fine boy at their house.  Ike Waters sold their place to Roy Epperson.

Tuesday October 8, 1912 – A rainy day.  General house work.  Sewing some.  Celia got home tonight.  Rained hard tonight.

Wednesday October 9, 1912 -  A changeable day.  Had a big rain last night.  I went to town.  Got the pictures.  Stopped and saw Celia.  She was papering the upstairs bedroom.  Came home and took up the red geraniums.  Howard to the lime.

Thursday October 10, 1912 -  A cloudy day.  Will’s went to Galesburg.  I cleaned the dining room.  Had quite a time cleaning the rug.  Awful tired tonight.

Friday October 11, 1912 – A terrible day.  It rained something fierce and still at it.  I baked churned swept and dusted.  Started working Anna’s waist.  Howard has gone after the folks [Bert & Martha at the train station].

Saturday October 12, 1912 – A cool windy day.  But sunshiny.  Washed and ironed.  Done up Saturday work.  Baked bread.  Mrs. Wilson Adams is dead.

Sunday October 13, 1912 – Howard and I went to church and did not get back to funeral like we wanted to.  But everything done very well.  Mother, Bert, and I went and called on Mrs. And Mrs. Larson.  I came back and stopped at Henry and Minnie Pont.  Howard came in for church.  Floyd Water’s horse got unmanageable and ran into our buggy and tore one of our wheels off.  He brought us home.

Monday October 14, 1912 – A nice morning.  Frosty.  Ironing and general house work.  Wrote a letter to Mother.  Went up and mailed it.  Stopped and visited school.  Went over and saw what Celia and Ida were doing.  The teacher changed her boarding place and went to Fay’s.

Tuesday October 15, 1912 – Fay’s and Madye and Alta went down to Galesburg.  Fay’s auto is out of order.  The report is that Roosevelt is shot.  I went uptown with Will.  Sent the letters out.  Sent in a three year subscription to Successful Farming.  Cleaned the front room and reception hall and back entry.  A beautiful day.

Wednesday October 16, 1912 – A nice day.  Don up house work.  Cleaned pantry.  Churned and Ida came down from Celia’s and we went up to Water’s.  Mrs. Waters had a birthday dinner.  Mrs. Adcock and Mrs. Wilson were there.  I rode back with Susie.  Howard went uptown and I stayed at Celias’s.

Thursday October 17, 1912 – A nice day.  Finished cleaning the panty.  Went over to see Mort  Newcomer’s wife and baby.  Bert came home tonight.  I finished my waist.

Friday October 18, 1912 – A cloudy morning.  I cleaned the kitchen and grand entrance.  Done the sweeping.  Hope it will be nice this afternoon.  I went to to Alex Henderson to the WCTU meeting.  Had had men for supper.

Saturday October 19, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed, ironed, baked and cleaned up house.  Anna H was here sulisting [soliciting] for minister salary.  Mother and Hays went up to Ike Snow, found them well.

Sunday October 20, 1912 – A fine day.  Did not go to church.  Stayed home.  And wrote to Philispborn about skirts.  We went up to the train with the folks. 

Monday October 21, 1912 – A cloudy forenoon.  I painted the swill box and flower cans.  Howard is painting the silo.  Fay and Louise asked me to go to Galesburg with them afternoon, but it rained se we couldn’t go.  Ervin Stoats and that (thing) are moving into the another Edgar house.

Tuesday October 22, 1912 – A cool sunshiny day.  Rained all night.  Howard is tearing down the old hog house.  I have repainted all the flower pots, churned and got the bread in oven.  Work all done up.  Worked at chicken house.

Wednesday October 23, 1912  - A fine day.  Busy out door working at chicken house.  Been invited to Mr. Gillis wedding anniversary.

Thursday October 24, 1912 – Finished white washing the hen house and went up to church with Fays to Gillis anniversary.  We went up to the Ricket’s in evening.

Friday October 25, 1912 – A fine day.  Swept, mopped and went to Galesburg with fay in the auto.  Came back with folks in evening and got some tooling and a waist.

Saturday October 26, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed, baked and ironed.  Mother and I went down to see Mrs. Bigsford’s chickens, expect to take 4 dozen of them.  Went to choir practice and to hear the Uncle Josh play.

Sunday October 27, 1912 – A fine day.   Went to church.  Took the folks to train and went over to Hanicks.  Stayed for church [evening church].

Monday October 28, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed and cleaned the west chicken house.  Howard and I went after the R R chickens.  They came to $33.05.

Tuesday October 29, 1912 – A fine day.  Churned and cleaned back porch.  Fixed dress and waist.  Cleaned.  Tired tonight.

Wednesday October 30, 1912 – A fine day.  Baked bread.  Walked up to corners.  Finished up dinner work.  Called on Mrs. Mike Pitman today.

Thursday October 31, 1912 – A rainy day.  House work done up.  Finished library book.  Not feeling very well today.

Friday November 1, 1912 – A cool day.  Sweeping, dusting, baking.  Went up to meet the folks.  The train was three hours late.

Saturday November 2, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed, ironed and general house work.  The L7L (LTL) met here, only six members.  Howard and I went to choir practice.

Sunday November 3, 1912 – A cool day.  Huff preached a very good sermon.  Mother and I went over to Will’s and up to Celia’s before going to train.  We did not go to church tonight.

Monday November 4, 1912 – A windy day.  Ironing finished.  Cut out apron and waist.

Tuesday November 5, 1912 – A rainy day.  Finished apron and waist.  General house work.

Wednesday November 6, 1912 – A better day.  Wilson was elected President of U.S.  Not doing extra today.  Howard is picking corn.

Thursday November 7, 1912 – A fine day.  Nothing extra.  Everything doing well.

Friday November 8, 1912 – A windy day.  Baked, swept, got dinner over.  The three carpenters are here.  Waiting for Louise to come to go up town.  Has quite a nice meeting at Mrs. Carson’s.  About fifty present.   Bert came home.

Saturday November 9, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed, ironed and baked, besides getting dinner for the men.  Mother came up this morning, got skirt fixed.

Sunday November 10, 1912 – A fine day.  We all went to church and took the folks up to train.  Called on Mr. and Mrs. Brown.  Went to church.

Monday November 11, 1912 – A windy day.  Ironed, raked the north yard.  Too windy to burn leaves.  The men are busy as can be.  I don’t feel very good today.

Tuesday November 12, 1912 – A nice day.  The men are busy on the hog house. 

Wednesday November 13, 1912 – A cloudy day.  General work.  The men did not work today.  Frank snipped his hogs today.  I went up to corners.  They are putting their furnace in.

Thursday November 14, 1912 – A fine day.  Henry Pont is here at work.  But the other two went to funeral.  I worked on Anna’s waist.  Visited North School.

Friday November 15, 1912 – A nice day.  Swept dusted and general house work.  The men are all here today.  Finished the waist front today.

Saturday November 16, 1912 -  A cloudy day.  Washed, ironed, and baked.  Mother and I went up to Celia’s and to town afternoon.  Bert and I went to choir practice.  George and Henry cemented the cellar wall for Mother’s house today.

Sunday November 17, 1912 – A fine day.  Mother and I went to church.  Went and took them to train and stayed at Henry Pont’s until church time.

Monday November 18, 1912 – A fine day.  Ironed and general work.  Raked leaves.  Planted sweet peas today.  Am awful tired.  Tonight went up and got butter of Celia tonight.

Tuesday November 19, 1912 – A fine day.  The men are through shingling.  Sept, dusted and raked leaves, scrubbed and general work.  Am tired as can be.

Wednesday November 20, 1912 – A beautiful day.  Finished raking up the leaves.  Henry and George were here today.  The teachers were here last night.   We went to the lecture tonight.

Thursday November 21, 1912 – A fine day.  General house work and went up to Celia’s after butter, two and three quarters lbs.  Henry and Tom are here today.  I went up to Fay’s a little while.

Friday November 22, 1912 – A fine day.  General house work.  Henry and Ferral are here, expect to go to WCTY this afternoon at Aunt Mary Hinchcliff.  Bert will be home tonight.

Saturday November 23, 1912 – Bert is 14 years old today.  A blustry day.  Bert and I took four turkeys to North Henderson this forenoon.  Started at 9-30 and got home at 11-15 o’clock.

Sunday November 24, 1912 – A cold day.  Will’s birthday, 42 years old today.  Maydie gave a birthday dinner.  Dr. Day and wife, Fay’s folks and we were over.

Monday November 25, 1912 – A cold day.  Ironed and general house work.  Henry and Farrel are here.  I cleaned hen houses afternoon.

Tuesday November 26, 1912 – A windy day.  I have three carpenters today.  Swept and dusted.  Fixed gray skirt.  Not feeling very good.  Howard said there was 7 little men calves out to the barn.  I called up all the ones on my list.  Not feeling very good.

Wednesday November 27, 1912 – A fine day.  The carpenters did not quite finish.  But Howard thinks he can do the rest.  I don’t feel well.  Fay’s and Dr. Hall’s went to Keokuk (Iowa) in their auto today.  They will have a great ride.  I hope the folks come home tonight.

Thursday November 28, 1912 – Thanksgiving day.  A cool day.  Not feeling very well.  Howard and Bert finished. Siding the hog house.  I went up to Celia’s.  We went up to the WCTU banquet in the evening.

Friday November 29, 1912 – A windy day.  Washed, ironed, general house work.  Howard and Bert picked corn today.

Saturday November 30, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Baked, ironed, churned and general Saturday work.  Went to choir practice.  Mother and I went up town and attended Vera Hinchcliff’s music recital.

Sunday December 1, 1912 – A rainy day.  We went over to Fay’s for dinner.  Will’s were there too.  A stormy night for the folks.  Got the headache.

Monday December 2, 1912 – A windy day.  Snowed in the night.  Howard said he would take the chickens today.  General house work.  Got $28.98 for chickens.

Tuesday December 3, 1912 – A cloudy day.  I went to Galesburg.  Madye and all of Fay’s went also.  Found the folks tor up papering the south room.  Rained nearly all day.  Went with the boys to see them play basketball.

Wednesday December 4, 1912 – A better day.  Cleaned the south room and entertained Mrs. White afternoon.  Bert and I went up town about 4 o’clock to get bread and shoes.  I met Fred Stevenson.  We went to Gaiety tonight.

Thursday December 5, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Done up work and went up town.  Got me a punch work scarf and another scarf in colored crash.  Got an amber necklace for Bert.  Came home and am tired.

 Friday December 6, 1912 – A cold day.  Laurance Olson is here helping pick corn.  Think they will finish tomorrow.  I cleaned up house, churned and watered plant, etc.  Did not go to WCTU meeting.  Celia is going down to stay all night with the folks. 

Saturday December 7, 1912 – A busy day.  Washed, ironed and cleaned up.  Bert and I went to Rio.  Howard finished picking corn.

Sunday December 8, 1912 – A stormy day.  Howard Mead’s 20th birthday.  Amelia Arnold is 62 years old today.  We did not go to church.  I baked cakes today.  Went to church this evening.

Monday December 9, 1912 – A windy day.  Ironed and general house work.  Washed window curtains.

Tuesday December 10, 1912 – A blustry day.  Washed windows and cleaned upstairs.  Worked on my punch work piece painted a picture.

Wednesday December 11, 1912 – Howard is helping Fred Fritz sword fodder.  Arthur Snow is two years old. Today.  Cleaned up the house.  Expect callers this afternoon.  The Watkins man stopped.  The third lecture course tonight.

What does “sword fodder” mean?

Thursday December 12, 1912 – A fine day.  (cold)  General housework putting straw in the hen house.  Churned.  Howard and I went to the lecture last night.  Howard and I went up town.  I called on Mrs. Thurman, and got some of my Christmas presents.  Rendered lard.

Friday December 13, 1912 – A beautiful day.  Wind blowing.  General house work.  Feed chicken bran.  Went up after the folks. 

Edna went to the Depot in Rio to pick up her son Bert and Mother Martha Snow who spend the week in Galesburg, where Bert attends Lombard College. 

Saturday December 14, 1912 – Washed and went up to Wetmores after chickens.  Ironed and went up town after Hhoward.

Sunday December 15, 1912 – Did not go to church.  But went up to Frank’s.  General packing things for the folks to go back to school. 

Monday December 16, 1912 – A cloudy day.  Celia and I came down last night and packed most of the things to move.  The Drayman came and got everything away in fine shaped.  I stayed until the 4 o’clock car left there.  Pretty well straightened.

Tuesday December 17, 1912 – Aunt Hanna Miller died at 1 o’clock.  A cold bleak day.  Ironed and general house work.  Went down to fays and took glady’s present to them.  They are talking of loading the car tomorrow.  Howard is hauling oil-meal from the depot.

Wednesday December 18, 1912 – A bad day.  Mrs. Miller’s funeral today at 11 o’clock.  Fays are loading their car.  Howard is helping.  I went up to Celia’s and done some wood burning.  Snowed some.

Thursday December 19, 1912 – A cold sunshiny day.  Swept and worked over jar of butter.  Went up and helped Celia.  Took Howard M. [Mead] to Rio.  He is going to Iowa with Fay.  Bert came home.  S I waited for him.  I also brought Mr. Ray Howard out to the corners.

Friday December 20, 1912 – A windy day.  Tended to flowers and swept and cleaned fruit room out.  Killed 19 mice.  Howard took the rest of chickens away.  $30 – 77.

Saturday December 21, 1912 – a beautiful day.  The boys are hauling straw.  I got the house cleaned up and dusted.  Let chickens out.  Expect to go to town this afternoon.

Sunday December 22, 1912 – A fine day.  We went to church and then went up to Waters afternoon.  Bert went skating.

Monday December 23, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed and gathered up shingles.  Howard painting hog house.  My cold not much better.

Tuesday December 24, 1912 – A nice warm day.  Ironed and baked bread.  Howard brought home a fine hall rack for our Christmas.  First what we need in our hall.  Went up to church to the tree.  Cleaned up house.

Wednesday December 25, 1912 – Christmas, a beautiful day.  Got several presents and Christmas cards one from Benson and Nora.  They were in Minn. Last Wednesday.  Mother is not very well, earache.  I don’t feel good either.  All went up to Frank’s for dinner.

Thursday December 26, 1912 – A cloudy morning.  General house work.  Made two waist.  Went to town.

Saturday December 28, 1912 – A beautiful day.  Baked, cleaned and dusted and Saturday work.  Howard and I went to choir practice.  Mother and I called on Mrs. Otis Adams.

Sunday December 29, 1912 – A beautiful day.  All went to church.  Franks came and got Mother.  Clark went back to school.  Spent evening reading a story.

Monday December 30, 1912 – A fine day.  Washed and fixed hen nest.  Am tired this evening. 

Tuesday December 31, 1912 – A fine day.  Iron, banded chickens.  Howard helped.